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I never thought much about abortion. To me it was your own choice. That was until I got pregnant. When I got pregnant I was 19 and the father was 19 it was a decision we made to have the baby. We planned her and right away I got pregnant. We were engaged so don’t judge to much. He was all on…

This is a really heartbreaking story, im so sorry for your loss.

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ummm so this lady had cancer and was pregnant but didn’t wanna go with the treatment so the baby wouldn’t get hurt… So you just wanna sit there and be pregnant and dying from cancer at the same time, wtf. it’s called abort it and get better and try again. Do people not think of that? You can make another baby you can’t make another life

I don’t think its that easy for some women, they feel very strongly connected to the child they’re carrying, to them its not a pregnancy, its their baby and they love it fully, so its not as easy as aborting then replacing, its losing your child which can’t be replaced. I’ve heard women who regret their abortion say that, “its not about just wanting a kid, its about wanting the kid you lost.” just a little insight as to why she might feel that way, even though its not always the most outwardly logical decision.

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Yesterday when I was in between flights after I had been throwing up we were walking through the airport terminal and my mum was going “I just don’t know what brought this all on!!” and I said “I think it was the inflight food… It was all a little bit plane” and then I laughed so hard that I threw up again

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